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Deposit earnest money, using your smart phone!

contact your CTG success partner for our company code

The Bank Shot app is free to download!

easy sign-up

– Select "Sign Up"
– Enter our company code
– Follow the on-screen prompts

open your camera app

– Use a dark background
– Turn your phone horizontally
– Take a photo of the front of your check
– Take a photo of the back

submit & send

– Double check that all information is correct
– Confirm that the dollar amount entered matches the check
– Hit "Submit"

Extra Resources

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When signing up for the app, the password must be 8 characters including at least one numerical digit (1,2,3, etc.) and one special character ($, &, !, etc.).

The back of the check must be endorsed/signed, and if there is a “mobile deposit” check box, that must be checked as well. If there is no check box, writing “For mobile deposit” and signing your name will also suffice.

The person depositing the check must fill out who they are in the “transaction” pane in the check deposit form. This is for liability and transaction identification recording purposes.

The “amount to broker” must be entered in 0.00 format, with no “$” or any other special characters, or it will not allow for submission.

When scanning the check, place it on a solid color, dark surface where there is plenty of light. Shooting in low-light, or on a light colored or textured background will make it more difficult for the camera to register that there is a check in the image frame, and won’t accept your deposit.