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When it comes to title services, Celebration Title Group is the best in the business.

Our team has over a decade of experience doing business in title, and will make sure that you get to celebrate the big moments, and the little ones.

The title process is archaic; but it doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. We are devoted to making sure your transactions get to the closing table, and that you get to focus on the things that matter. We’ll handle the rest!

After we get you safely to the closing table, everyone is invited to celebrate the signing with our original Confetti Cannon Closing Experience™! (Don’t worry – we brought vacuums!)

Celebrate with Us!

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Celebration Title Group

We have a service available to you completely for free that lets you pull an estimate for closing with us in just a few clicks.

We aim to make closing with us as simple and painless as possible, and part of that objective is making sure that there are no surprises (except for the celebration at the closing table)!

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A little bit of everything! Marketing assistance, educational content, co-branded marketing campaigns, and much, much more. Click through some of our perks here for more information.

Title Insurance

Escrow Settlement

Operational Excellence

Bianca's Headshot

Bianca Vega

JR Processor

Downtown Orlando
Brooke's Headshot

Brooke Landow

Chief Strategy Officer

Downtown Orlando
Caitlyn's Headshot

Caitlyn Harrison

Escrow Officer

Downtown Orlando
Erica's Headshot

Erica Cochran

Chief Marketing Officer

Downtown Orlando
Giovanna's Headshot

Giovanna Ciccone

Marketing Specialist

Downtown Orlando
Jack's Headshot

Jack Tzen

Administrative Assistant

Downtown Orlando
Jensherise's Headshot

Jensherise Samayoa

Success Partner

Downtown Orlando
Jillian's Headshot

Jillian Howard

Operations Training Captain & Franchise Trainer

Downtown Orlando
Jody's Headshot

Jody Green

Chief Sales Officer

Downtown Orlando
Luis's Headshot

Luis Sarcos

Success Partner

Downtown Orlando
Michael's Headshot

Michael Mella

Celebration Expert

Downtown Orlando
Morgan's Headshot

Morgan Angel

Marketing Coordinator

Downtown Orlando
Norielys's Headshot

Norielys Valdez

Celebration Expert

Downtown Orlando
Travis's Headshot

Travis Ginn

Success Partner

Downtown Orlando
Tristan's Headshot

Tristan Ali

Director of Closings

Downtown Orlando

Celebrate With Us!

Downtown Orlando

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